Dandie Dream Crush On Me
no picture Colour/Sex Pepper Bitchno flag
DOB21 Feb 2021
SireDandie Dream More Than The Stars
DamDanchester's Quake Your World
OwnerLaura Fandiño
BreederLaura Fandiño

Tail Male Tail Female
1Dandie Dream More Than The Stars 1Danchester's Quake Your World
2Es/Balt Ch. Sunjoy's Show Must Go On 2Fin/Lat Ch. Danchester's Just Me N' Only Me
3Int Ch. Sunjoy's Here Comes The Sun 3Fin/Est Ch. Danchester's A Promise Kept
4Ita Ch. Sunjoy's Shocktactics 4Zimyrs Kira Ley
5Int Ch. Pennywise Patriot Games 5Zimyrs Ilsa Mira
6Am Ch. Pennywise The Masked Avenger 6Zimyrs Gitty Lie
7Am Ch. Montizard's Frozen In Time 7Zimyrs Dolly Polly
8Ch/Am Ch. Muldoon's Druid of Montizard 8Fin Ch. Fatima von der Libellenau
9Am Ch. Nebshire's Dapper Dan 9Fin Ch. Ina Op Den Klev
10Am Ch. Nebshire's Woodbourne On Top 10Cerrin Op Den Klev
11Am Ch. Woodbourne Knight Errant 11NL Ch. Shrimpney Silver Crown
12Am Ch. Kilties Choice of Highland 12Larkspur of Hendell
13Ch/Am Ch. Barvae Percy 13Hendell Juniper
14Int Ch. Glassford Marksman 14Hendell Skyblue
15Bellmead Delectus 15Weatheroak Goldcrest
16Bellmead Danehurst 16Sybbie of Clane
17Bellmead Delphic 17Happy of Clane (1)
18Ch. Hayling Torquil 18Bellmead Sultry
19Ch. Hobgoblins Barnabas 19Bellmead Silver Fairy
20Coneygreave Maharajah 20Bellmead Sun Storm
21Goldfinder 21Bellmead Salvo
22Waterbeck Golden Flake 22Messan Flora
23Camowen Coleman 23Messan Bessie
24Ch. Darenth Penny 24Messan Julia
25Ch. Darenth Shian 25Messan Susan
26Salismore Soloman 26Seale Etta
27Dr Syntax 27Gallant Grizel
28Piper (Skilling's) 28Ch. St Conals Jess
29Donald (Flynn's) 29Biddy (Simpson-Shaw's)
30Bruce (Flynn's) 30Alpin Maisie
31Daryll 31Alpin Susan
32Red Angus 32Kirsty (Tulloh's)
33Charley II 33Factory Lass
34Tuggem III 34Pansy (unregistered)
36Dandie (L) 
37Old Ginger 
38Old Pepper