Dandie name (or part name):

Salismore Soloman
no pictureColour/Sex Mustard Dogno flag
DOB9 Apr 1922
SireDr Syntax
DamGlencairn Mustie
OwnerMrs Phyllis Salisbury
BreederMr J A Mather

Salismore Soloman is from the Dr Syntax branch of the Old Ginger line.

Mrs Salisbury's notes

Kennel Name Soloman

(Light eyes; fair size) too big by several pounds.
Grand type, sound as a bell, fine head, but skull might be better domed, good mover, excellent feet, beautiful coat, but rather a dirty mustard colour. Top-knot good and white. Grand body & dandie character.

Born 9 April 1922
Breeder J A Mather
Died Sept. 8 1935

Measurements of Salismore Soloman KCSB 1992 FF

1Age 4 years. Weight.
2Height at shoulder10 inches
3Length from nose to root of tail31 inches
4Length of tail10 inches
5Length of head (occiput to nose)8⅝ inches
6Length from eye to nose3½ inches
7Length of ear4 inches
8Girth of skull15¾ inches
9Girth of muzzle8¾ inches
10Girth of chest20¾ inches
11Girth of loin16½ inches
12Girth of forearm (just below elbow)6 inches
13Eyes apart2½ inches
14Girth of neck14 inches


Photo courtesy of Paul Keevil