DandieBase - the definitive Dandie Dinmont database

DandieBase is an online card index of Dandie Dinmont pedigrees. The Main Page shows a family tree for each Dandie. You can click on the index cards for parents or progeny to show their information. Click on the main card for more information on that Dandie. There are currently 38359 Dandies in the database, 3845 with pictures.

The More Information page shows further details of the Dandie. This may include show results, family photos, kennel adverts and breeders' notes. It often includes a summary of the Tail Male line of the Dandie. Clicking on that summary shows the full Tail Male and Tail Female lines of the Dandie. If show results are displayed you can click on any of the results to see the full results from that show. Click on the index card to go back to the family tree.

On the Show Results page you can click on the name of any Dandie to get the information page for that Dandie.

The Search Box at the top of the page allows you to type in the name of a Dandie to find its index card. You can often find the Dandie by typing just part of the name and DandieBase will show a list of Dandies that match that part name. You can also type the name of a show to find the results from that show. Again, part names are allowed. Typing a year number will display a list of all shows for that year.

Typing "B:", "O:" or "J:" followed by a name will search for Breeders, Owners or Judges.

For all searches the '%' character can be used as a wildcard. Or just click the 'Search' button to pick a card at random.

Where hand written breeders' notes are shown, you can click on the note to show a high resolution scan of the original notes.

Further pages include...

Today's Birthdays is list of all the Dandies with a birthday today.

Dog CCs and Bitch CCs show the rankings of all the Dandies who have ever won CCs at UK dog shows.

DandieBase is constantly evolving and improving. If you have any ideas for other useful information pages please let me know.

If you have any objections to the use of any of the pictures on the site please let me know and I will remove them.

Most of the information in this database was kindly provided by Lynda Bromley, Betty Olsen and Gyorke Alger. Many thanks to them for their hard work over many years of research to produce this incredible resource for our breed.

If you spot any errors in the DandieBase, or can fill in any missing information or pictures please email me at webmaster@ddtc.co.uk

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