Rankings of Dandie Dinmont dogs by number of CCs won.

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1st place with 30 CCs

Ch. Inzievar Silver Broomno picture
Ch. Inzievar Silver Giltno picture

3rd place with 29 CCs

Ch. Sowdens Spindriftno picture

4th place with 27 CCs

Ch. Inzievar Gold Standardno picture

5th place with 24 CCs

Ch. Salismore Watersend Pioneerno picture

6th place with 21 CCs

Ch. Senacre Hooghlyno picture
Ch/Am Ch. Pennywise Burning Ambition for Cassencarrieno picture

8th place with 20 CCs

Ch. Cloverwood Royal Georgeno picture

9th place with 19 CCs

Ch./Am GCh. Pennywise On The Road Againno picture

10th place with 17 CCs

Ch. Hatton Redcapno picture
Ch. Inzievar Real Gold
Ch. Inzievar Silver Swordno picture

13th place with 15 CCs

Ch. Renald Drum Majorno picture
Ch. Vistca Van Der Valkno picture

15th place with 13 CCs

Ch. Sowdens Grakleno picture
Ch. Mishahda Mischief Managedno picture

17th place with 12 CCs

Ch. Friern Dandieno picture
Ch/AmCh. Waterbeck Watermarkno picture
Ch. Hayling Torquilno picture

20th place with 11 CCs

Ch. Bellmead Dominion Dayno picture
Ch. Hatton Nimrod
Ch. Kushra MacDougalno picture
Ch. Bellmead Delegateno picture
Ch. Puff
Ch. Cassencarrie Choirmasterno picture

26th place with 10 CCs

Ch. Dougal of Claneno picture
Ch. Salismore Barvae Peppino picture
Ch. Darenth Pennyno picture
Ch. Sowdens Shammy of Dorvine
Ch. Milverton Kingno picture
Ch. Inzievar Scott
Ch. Swanwillow Bowler Hat

33rd place with 9 CCs

Ch. Howcaple Mint
Ch. Hillary Timothy
Ch. Thistle Grove Dargaino picture
Ch. Swanwillow Master Raffertyno picture
Ch. Inzievar William Wallaceno picture
Ch. Cassencarrie I Kid You Notno picture

39th place with 8 CCs

Ch. Potford Highlanderno picture
Ch. Salismore Sovereignno picture
Ch. Alpin Viceroyno picture
Ch. Scotland's Princeno picture
Ch. Charponel Galeno picture
Ch. Sowdens Sandpiper
Ch/Am Ch. Butterywells Doric of Hendellno picture
Ch. Pajanticks Cuthbert
Ch. Finloren The Laird of Swanwillow

48th place with 7 CCs

Ch. Fruach Tobyno picture
Ch. Tawny Owl of Weatheroakno picture
Ch. Culston Inkspotno picture
Ch. Darenth So Wiseno picture
Ch. Wizaburn Destiny
Ch. Mottefield Medallion
Ch/Am Ch. Pennywise Postage Due at Bencharrano picture
Ch. Blaven Shoushonie at Bencharra
Ch/WW/CIB/No/Se/Dk Ch. Inzievar Wins Goldno picture
Ch. Borderstone Kingman for Lanniano picture

58th place with 6 CCs

Ch. Dodrick Dauntless
Ch. Hamish of Claneno picture
Ch. Alpin Osirisno picture
Ch. Alpin Stormerno picture
Ch. Parstone Marauderno picture
Ch. Sowdens Sorcerer
Ch. Renald Ulysses
Ch. Inzievar Robert The Bruce
Ch. Lodore Lancerno picture
Ch. Borderstone Dare Devilno picture
Ch/Am Ch. Salismore Silver Sandno picture
Ch/Can Ch. Glahms Royal Canadianno picture
Ch. Cassencarrie Top Marksno picture
Ch. Barton Dandies Charles Darnayno picture

72nd place with 5 CCs

Ch. Hobgoblins Barnabas
Ch. Shrimpney Sweet Williamno picture
Ch/Int Ch. Red Gleam of Hattonno picture
Ch. Quendon Jixno picture
Ch. Darenth Shianno picture
Ch. Howcaple Williamno picture
Ch. Tommy (Shiel's)
Ch. Shrimpney Short Circuitno picture
Ch. Cargen Dukeno picture
Ch. Salismore Phideasno picture
Ch. Braw Ladno picture
Ch. Inzievar Bruce
Ch. Hendell Brother Giles
Ch. Josal Jester of Margham
Ch. Dunkery Buzzard of Hendell
Ch. Inzievar Sheer Gold
Ch. Suekrit Golden Slippers
Ch. Blaven Bookmark
Ch/Int Ch. Mosterlada Glentanar of Inzievarno picture
Ch. Vistca Vaudeville
Ch. Borderstone Hush Hush
Ch/Int Ch. Cloverwood Black Pepperno picture
Ch/Can Ch. Cloverwood Dandie Dazzleno picture
Ch. Finloren Friar Tuckno picture
Ch. Banburg Alfrescono picture
Ch. Cassencarrie Cest La Vieno picture
Ch. Cassencarrie James Blondeno picture
Ch. Vistca Vincentno picture
Ch. Inzievar Silver And Goldno picture
Ch. Hawkesmill Jefferson at Etsillno picture
Ch. Inzievar Gold Issueno picture
Ch. Etsill Mykillkvi with Tollcrossno picture
Ch. Tymeirz Benibouyno picture

105th place with 4 CCs

Ch. Glenfarg Chiefno picture
Ch. Dogari Berkonono picture
Ch. Sage of Watersendno picture
Ch. Redwing of Hattonno picture
Ch. Hatton Nimbus
Ch. Ellwyn Kith
Ch. Giffnock Pedlar
Ch/Int Ch. Hendell Sans Egalno picture
Ch. Darenth Lordyno picture
Ch. Darenth Good Companionno picture
Ch. Messan Giles
Ch. Brawny Kimno picture
Ch. Glassford Curate
Ch. Josal Eastrigg Cress
Ch. Bellmead Dynamicno picture
Ch. Sun Starno picture
Ch/Am Ch. Alpin Slitrigno picture
Ch. Renald Broc
Ch. Giffnock Sol
Ch. Scotby Tip Top
Ch. Shrimpney Signetno picture
Ch. Dogari Rarafeno picture
Ch. Thistle Dandieno picture
Ch. Salismore Moreton
Ch. Katrine Whist
Ch. Culston Clansman
Ch. Incherrit Yankee Doodle of Blaven
Ch. Swanwillow Trilbyno picture
Ch. Dorvine Darkie
Ch. Swanwillow Manneringno picture
Ch. Sprotboro Statesman
Ch./ Am Ch. Hendell Jack O'Lantern of Blavenno picture
Ch. Dandyhow Dry Doc
Ch. Hendell Tawny Port at Blavenno picture
Ch. Sandyclose Smart Alec
Ch. Borderstone Dark Dominono picture
Ch. Cassencarrie Postmasterno picture
Ch. Somercloud Moon Raker at Bellmeadno picture
Ch. Cassencarrie Chimaerano picture
Ch. Cassencarrie Keymasterno picture
Ch. Somercloud Shoemakerno picture
Ch/Can Ch. Glahms Sterling Silverno picture
Ch. Vistca Vian of Hendellno picture
Ch. Scottsbairn Duke Of Rossno picture
Ch. Etsill Scapa Flowno picture
Ch. Mishahda Volcanic Stormno picture
Ch. Carac Most Definitely Cassencarrieno picture
Ch. Milverton Duke
Ch. Micklam Jack Pointno picture
Ch. Xoranda Secret Ron Day View to Cloverwoodno picture
Ch./Int Ch. Back To My Roots at Luna Caprese with Torbraeno picture
Ch. Viking via Calmarlinno picture
Ch. Dariant Gladiolus at Karezigno picture

158th place with 3 CCs

Ch. Peachums Sturdieno picture
Ch/Am Ch. Weir of Waterbeckno picture
Ch. Little Boy Blue of Weatheroak
Ch. Crooksbury Colonistno picture
Ch/Am Ch. Bellmead Darn Nice
Ch./Am Ch. Waterbeck Border Cheerno picture
Ch. Sowdens Spartan
Ch./Aus/NZ Ch. Bellmead Craigvar Callboyno picture
Ch. Hendell Touchstoneno picture
Ch/Can Ch. Hendell Redwood
Ch. Waterbeck Woodland Princeno picture
Ch./Can Ch. Hendell Masterkeyno picture
Ch. Jorrocks of Hendell
Ch./Nord/Int Ch. Strode Traveller of Hendellno picture
Ch. Alpin Raiderno picture
Ch. Moat Hill Tinker
Ch. Slitrig Masher
Ch. Burpham Jock
Ch. Potford Plundererno picture
Ch. Potford Pibroch
Ch. Alpin Oracle
Ch. Bellmead David (1)no picture
Ch. Alpin Rorono picture
Ch. Darenth Badger
Ch. Ellwyn Ednamno picture
Ch. Simple Jinksno picture
Ch. Darenth Mender
Ch. Anson Asome
Ch. Alpin Oberonno picture
Ch. Peachum of Wirralno picture
Ch. Huckleberry Helmsman
Ch. Gartconnel Andrew
Ch. Bellmead Defenderno picture
Ch. Wadino picture
Ch. Guestling Quinceno picture
Ch. Joe of Casitano picture
Ch. Rathan Lad
Ch. Rowan Warrior
Ch. Danaff Debut
Ch. Bellmead Dominant
Ch. Alpin Lochinvarno picture
Ch. Laird O'Lindores
Ch. Katrine Duke
Ch. Gordon Princeno picture
Ch. Giffnock Cadger
Ch. Grainsby Squire
Ch. Renald Glassford Crusaderno picture
Ch. Waterbeck Welbeck
Ch. Giffnock Whin
Ch. Dogari Chintansano picture
Ch/Am Ch. Cliffield Larry Langwhamno picture
Ch. Sowdens Dirk
Ch. Culston Ambassador
Ch/Am Ch. Barvae Percyno picture
Ch. Blackethouse Yetno picture
Ch/Am Ch. Hendell Pocket Princeno picture
Ch. Glassford Don
Ch. Cairnside Best
Ch. Waterbeck Waughopeno picture
Ch. Cannie Ladno picture
Ch. Kyber
Ch. Tartan Chiefno picture
Ch. Salismore Muskinno picture
Ch. Dunscore Herdsman
Ch. Guardsman of Renald
Ch. Derril of Drevaburn
Ch. Hendell Orlando
Ch. Sprotboro Scooby Doono picture
Ch. Healaval Gigmaleerie at Follycottno picture
Ch. Avonview Clachan
Ch. Renald Zodiac
Ch. Renald Ensign
Ch. Swanwillow Phantomno picture
Ch. Banburg Vagabond of Swanwillow
Ch. Abbeywater Magic Memory at Wenabarr
Ch. Dentgate Post Masterno picture
Ch. Fernroyal President Peak
Ch. Cassencarrie Postscriptno picture
Ch. Mosterlada Golden Loon
Ch. Vistca Veronya at Cloverwoodno picture
Ch. Fernroyal Mister Chuckles at Penactivno picture
Ch. Cassencarrie Blithe Spirit
Ch. Pogleswood Pole Positionno picture
Ch/Can Ch. Glahms Golden Legacyno picture
Ch. Swanwillow Sea Captainno picture
Ch. Swanwillow Clarion Callno picture
Ch. Deegandan Dughallno picture
Ch/Ire/Int Ch. Dariant Lui Vencedor De Mi Soul at Bambusano picture
Ch. Graythwaite Jock
Ch. German Dandies' Terence Hill at Cloverwoodno picture
Ch. Cassencarrie Of Courseno picture
Ch. Danchester's Vote Me To Winno picture

250th place with 2 CCs

Waterbeck Whirlwind
Waterbeck Warrinno picture
Trooper of Glenalasdairno picture
Woodsong of Waterbeck
Heatherdell Nicholas
Broom of Gardensideno picture
Colislinn Soulful of Twinkling
Salismore Sporranno picture
Hielan Jockno picture
Alpin Ovantno picture
Crooksbury Don Quixote
Edina Prince
Pinsley Craig
Otter Sportno picture
Gatton Slightly
Thornwood Hero
Highland Chief
Am Ch. Cairnside Duke
Katrine Robno picture
Blacket Juniorno picture
Tommy Atkinsno picture
Senacre Jubilee
Drevaburn Capercailzie
Kingsclose Benjaminno picture
Laroc The Laird
Am Ch. Cassencarrie The Hustler for Blavenno picture
Am/Can Ch. Salismore Stirrup Cupno picture
King Of Scotland
Clovelly Hero
Dentgate Mulberryno picture
Wilmit Chinditno picture
Dentgate Hucklberries

283rd place with 1 CCs

Exning Lowlander
Salismore Mervynno picture
Hatton Rolandno picture
Shrimpney Sea Shanty
Waterbeck Wakeful
Garry of Glenalasdair
Crosskeys Rinty
Fruach Kimno picture
Penny of Coneygreave
Hergaden Hallowe'en
Calliope Joey of Glenalasdair
Bellmead Dixie
Dodrick Drifter
Salismore Pibroch
Kenriva Spey
Can Ch. Waterbeck Border Wave
Shrimpney Scarlet Stripeno picture
Hunter of Clane
Cockdurno Comet of Drevaburnno picture
Wizaburn Wonder
Alpin Corbie
Scotby Dan
Drevaburn Jocktie
Warkworth Wenceslas
Durranhill Brock
Ger Ch. Sowdens Spinney
Gardenside Guy
Shirmond Bryer Lad Brock
Duchally Clover
Ringleader (Mather's)
Matching Roryno picture
Rowan Joker
Robbie (Lacy Thompson's)
Burpham Andra
Saul of Bellmeadno picture
Giffnock Rab
Cairnderry of Glencaird
Salismore Majorno picture
Scotsgate Tim
Darenth Nigelno picture
Dexter of Devadale
Messan Tamno picture
Alpin Nicolas
Ranger William
Alpin Waes Meno picture
The Wizard
Grainsby Ginger
Duncan of Devadale
Howcaple Albert
Rannock Mhor
Scotby Badger
Doleful Dixie
Roycroft Rambler
Alpin Phadrig
Sir Richard
Anson Arab
Scotby Jim
Glassford Jock
Inzievar Sir Walterno picture
Cairnside Wonder
Kelvin Jockno picture
Blackadderno picture
Graythwaite Dhuno picture
Shrimpney Short Statementno picture
Thistle Grove Benno picture
Carel Tip Top
Drevaburn Puddockno picture
Eastrigg Fettler
North Linrigg Warrior
Sowdens Sealord
Hendell Maxwelton
Sowdens Spinnaker
Senacre Conjurer
Avonview Blue Berry of Dunscore
Cassencarrie Caraway
Westwell Mayfly
Huntershill Billy Bud
Venord Fable
Cassencarrie Tercel of Hendell
Coneygreen Jasper
Inzievar Scotts Gold
Cassencarrie Carte Blancheno picture
Borderstone Errant Equerry
Inzievar Silver Spangleno picture
Saredon Atlanta
Somercloud Handyman
Inzievar Tinker's Goldno picture
Needwood Twice Nightly
Westwell Skylark
NL/Int Ch. Needwood Tricky Dickyno picture
Glencobo Grinshill Lad
Finloren Lord Of The Rings
Bencharra Back In The Frame for Follycott
Shonillian Dandilly Digbyno picture
Torbrae Dance N Dazzleno picture
Ger Ch. Yazga Shining Lightno picture
Int/Dk/Fin/No/Sw Ch. Scottsbairn Hugh Of Rossno picture
Am/Can Ch. Gateway Sparks of Glahmsno picture
Am/Aus Ch. Jollygaze Time Lordno picture
Cassencarrie Rumour Has It at Pennywaveno picture
Aus GrCh/Am Ch. Hobergays Fineus Foggno picture
Cz/Int Ch. Diamond Dazzle ze Zihelske Zahradyno picture
Ire Ch. Xenon z Roxburku Sun at Millerimno picture
I Am What I Am Do Castelo Brancono picture
Goldfinderno picture
Alpin Kellono picture
Am Ch. Slitrig Tinker of Heatherdenno picture
Sir Walter (Marshall's)
Cash Box
Dryfe (Flynn's)
Inzievar The Goldsmithno picture
Fin/Se/No/Nord Ch. Dariant Egyptno picture
Ceilmear Golden Challenger at Millerimno picture
Dainty Dandies River Mersey at Lenacourtno picture
Reidswire Lord O'Liddesdaleno picture
Glahms Col Brandon of Bartonno picture
Puddockswell Hoodwinkno picture
Dandie Dream Call Me Winnerno picture
Redgreet Mighty Oakno picture
Dashing Top Hat N Tails at Tymeirzno picture