Dandie name (or part name):

Ch. Sowdens Spindrift
no pictureColour/Sex Mustard Dogno flag
DOB4 Feb 1973
SireSowdens Spartan
DamSowdens Penelope
OwnerMrs H D Jameson
BreederMrs H D & E Jameson

Drifter is from the Dr Syntax branch of the Old Ginger line.

Challenge Certificates won

1st CC - Crufts 1974   Judge: Flt Lt. P Townshend

2nd CC - National Terrier 1974   Judge: Mrs G Clayton

3rd CC - WELKS 1974   Judge: Mrs A Hall Parlby

4th CC - Bath 1974   Judge: Miss R Bradbury

5th CC - Birmingham 1974   Judge: Mrs E Bayliss

6th CC - Scottish Kennel Club 2 1974   Judge: Miss M Greenlees

7th CC - Crufts 1975   Judge: Mrs A Hall Parlby

8th CC - National Terrier 1975   Judge: Mr J Braddon

9th CC - Birmingham 1975   Judge: Miss I Paterson

10th CC - City of Birmingham 1975   Judge: Mr G Down

11th CC - SDDTC 1975   Judge: Miss R Bradbury

12th CC - Crufts 1976   Judge: Mr R Gadsden

13th CC - WELKS 1976   Judge: Mrs Phylis Salisbury

14th CC - City of Birmingham 1976   Judge: Mrs A Mattinson

15th CC - SDDTC 1976   Judge: Miss F Soutter

16th CC - Crufts 1977   Judge: Miss M Hunter

17th CC - National Terrier 1977   Judge: Mr R Irving

18th CC - WELKS 1977   Judge: Miss M Mellis

19th CC - Scottish Kennel Club 1 1977   Judge: Mrs E Bayliss

20th CC - Three Counties 1977   Judge: Mrs B Sullivan

21st CC & BOB - Bath 1978   Judge: Miss C Dandison

22nd CC & BOB - SDDTC 1978   Judge: Mrs A Mattinson

23rd CC & BOB - LKA 1978   Judge: Mrs D Hamilton

24th CC - Bath 1979   Judge: Flt Lt. P Townshend

25th CC & BOB - LKA 1979   Judge: Mr T Collier

26th CC - Crufts 1980   Judge: Miss I Paterson

27th CC - LKA 1981   Judge: Flt Lt. P Townshend

28th CC - SDDTC 1982   Judge: Miss R Bradbury

29th CC - SDDTC 1983   Judge: Mr G Lakin

Courtesy of Thomson Mckenzie