Dandie name (or part name):

Aus/NZ Ch. Jollygaze Arising Sun
no pictureColour/Sex Mustard Dogno flag
DOB20 Sep 1995
SireDandiedale Rupert Bear
DamBorderstone Dawn Dancer
OwnerMr David Allan
BreederDr. Emma Greenway

Gordon is from the Dr Syntax branch of the Old Ginger line.

What a champion!

Born on 20 September 1995, Gordon was Emma's first Dandie and he was the first pet who came into my life on 18 March 2000 and changed it forever.

Gordon had an amazing personality, imbued with all the usual Dandie traits and a "talker" supreme. He was so expressive. I grew to be immensely fond of his gentle, friendly nature and unique personality. It was great to have him around the house. He was quite simply a wonderful companion.

At the age of four and a half, after much success at various shows, Gordon retired to what must have been a life of enormous contrast - the quietude of life with me. He established his domain and quickly came to hurl barked epithets at intruding cats and birds. The sight of a cat motivated him to instantly give chase.

In early days, when out for a walk, he'd run up the street and around a couple of corners to where he knew a cat would likely be found. That made me exercise too.

Maybe he was a bit of a "snob" Gordon didn't take to the neighbourhood dogs gladly, often trotting by with head held high.

Then one day when I was out, he climbed onto the dining table, via the sofa, perhaps to better see out the window. Claw marks on the table to this day, evidence his having "danced" upon it. Indeed, I suspect he may have danced right off the table, as many moons later, some injury to his neck was detected.

He quite quickly succumbed to illness and in the space of less than three weeks, became lethargic and unwilling to eat. He lost so much weight so quickly it was devastating to watch. But with his ever resilient spirit, even when visiting the vet for the last time, he was keenly wagging his tail and wanting to "talk" to the other dogs there.

There are numerous Gordon descendants around the globe.

Sadly much missed. Remembered always.

David Allan

Photos from www.dandiesinoz.com