Dandie name (or part name):

Ch. German Dandies' Violetta
no pictureColour/Sex Mustard Bitchno flag
DOB7 Jan 2015
SireCloverwood Driving Force
DamGerman Dandies' Rebecca
OwnerMiss Harriet Buckley
BreederMonika & Manfred Rosenbaum

Lettie is from the Dr Syntax branch of the Old Ginger line.

Challenge Certificates won

1st CC - Driffield Agricultural Society, 30th September 2017.   Judge: Mrs Jackie Shore

2nd CC - Crufts, 9th March 2018.   Judge: Mr Paul Keevil

3rd CC & BOB - National Terrier, 7th April 2018.   Judge: Miss Kathy Green

Show Results

DDTC Championship Show, 12th July 2015.   Judge: Mrs Jackie Shore

Minor Puppy Bitch - 2nd

Smart young mustard, stands well on good legs and padded feet, feminine head with a lovely expression and good bite. Moves very well both ways, just needs to clear in coat colour which is of good texture.

Leeds Championship Dog Show, 26th July 2015.   Judge: Mrs Joanne Corless

Puppy Bitch - 3rd

Shy little girl on her first outing, great potential but just needs some confidence in the ring.

SDDTC Championship Show, 27th September 2015.   Judge: Mrs Sheila Linter

Minor Puppy Bitch - 1st

Lovely mustard baby with the sweetest of heads and expression. Good dark eye and good ear placement, correct scissor bite. Good length to neck and body, correct tail set. Crisp textured coat with good colouring coming through, still needs to clear a little. A very smart little mover.

Driffield Agricultural Society, 3rd October 2015.   Judge: Miss Meriel France

Minor Puppy Bitch - 1st

Exquisite young bitch. Long and low, well angulated throughout with a strong head, dark eye and lovely feminine expression. Moved straight with drive and purpose. Coat coming through.

Midland Counties Canine Society, 25th October 2015.   Judge: Mr Tom Mather

Best Puppy

Puppy Bitch - 1st

Feminine with a pleasing head and expression, good topknot. Shapely and she is a good length. Moved out quite well with some drive from the rear. Shown in a tight jacket which will look more typical in a few more weeks. BP.

Ladies Kennel Association, 13th December 2015.   Judge: Mrs Magdalene Hutchison

Best Puppy

Puppy Bitch - 1st

Crufts, 13th March 2016.   Judge: Mr Brian Kerrush

Junior Bitch - 2nd

Another mustard with good head and expression. Moved ok but failed in topline rather flat.

National Terrier, 2nd April 2016.   Judge: Mrs Frances Chapman King

Junior Bitch - 1st

Feminine mustard with super head and expression. OK in shoulder, shapely long body, good ribbing, strong well muscled quarters. In a quality well presented coat. Moved out well on go around and going away, could tighten a touch in front. Good size. Well handled. Promising prospect.

SDDTC Open Show, 10th April 2016.   Judge: Dr Emma Greenway

Junior Bitch - 1st

Well presented mustard bitch with excellent length and outline. Sound moving and with lovely angulation. A balanced bitch of quality. Would have liked to have seen a little more undercoat present.

DDTC Open Show, 24th April 2016.   Judge: Donna Francis

Junior Bitch - 1st

Birmingham National, 8th May 2016.   Judge: Mr Max King

Junior Bitch - 1st

Handler worked hard to get the best out of this girl, soundly made, nicely domed skull, good front, tidy feet, held topline well on the move and moved with purpose.

CDDTC Championship Show, 18th June 2016.   Judge: Mr Ronnie Irving

Junior Bitch - 1st

(M) a very pleasing bitch with a good weaselly outline. Excellent head and expression, good mover in front and behind. Coat not at its peak but better there than 2. She was not over exaggerated in any way and kept her outline well when seen in profile moving, good feet.

Border Union, 19th June 2016.   Judge: Mrs Jeanette Field

Junior Bitch - 2nd

Another pleasing bitch who moved out well, also not quite right in coat yet, just not the expression and dark eye of 1.

Blackpool & District Canine Society, 24th June 2016.   Judge: Jill Peak

Special Yearling Bitch - 1st

16 months old, nice type, good head and eye, nice neck and shoulders, good legs and feet, nice body and outline, good quarters and set on, moved soundly.

DDTC Championship Show, 10th July 2016.   Judge: Mr A P Stephenson

Yearling Bitch - 1st

Mustard. Loved her head and expression. So low to the ground. Good body. Sound top line. Ow tail set. Moved freely. Jacket of quality.

Darlington Dog Show Society, 16th September 2016.   Judge: Mr J Watson

Open Bitch - 2nd

Typical head with nice topknot, good topline, strong quarters, good rear angulation, well presented.

SDDTC Championship Show, 25th September 2016.   Judge: Miss Mike Macbeth

Open Bitch - 3rd

CDDTC Autumn Open Show, 23rd October 2016.   Judge: Mr Roy Baker

Best Bitch & BIS

Limit Bitch - 1st

My heart leapt when I saw this stunning young bitch, her dark lustrous eyes, well placed ears, rounded forehead and beautiful topknot all combined to produce an enchanting feminine expression, powerful neck set into excellent shoulders, nicely muscled topline with correct dip behind the withers and corresponding rise over the loin, crisp double jacket, well set tail, front legs muscular and well boned, nicely knuckled feet, deep brisket, correct underline and furnishings, superbly muscled thighs, moved true coming and going, fluent in profile. She is young yet and needs a twelvemonth or so to finish the picture, but for a bitch not long out of Junior she is outstanding and I was thrilled to find her. BB & BIS.

Manchester Dog Show Society, 19th January 2017.   Judge: Mr Roger Crooks

Open Bitch - 3rd

Crufts, 9th March 2017.   Judge: Miss E J Walkley

Limit Bitch - 1st

National Terrier, 1st April 2017.   Judge: Mrs C E Cartledge

Open Bitch - 3rd

DDTC Open Show, 23rd April 2017.   Judge: Mrs Margaret Russell

Open Bitch - 1st

Well presented Feminine mustard in good coat. Good head and foreface, sweet expression, well developed prosturnum, good length of neck into long body. Showed her topline off when on the move.

DDTC Championship Show, 9th July 2017.   Judge: Mrs Sue McCourt

Limit Bitch - 2nd

Leeds Championship Dog Show, 22nd July 2017.   Judge: Mr Albert Easdon

Open Bitch - 2nd

Typy mustard bitch, poor coat spoiled her outline, good bone and substance, well balanced body, short, strong legs, feet and pasterns could improve, sound mover.

Bournemouth Canine Association, 13th August 2017.   Judge: Mrs Sheila Linter

Limit Bitch - 1st

This mustard has the most beautiful colour and textured coat, such a sweet and pretty head with nice dark eye, good ear placement. Correct shape to topline with good tail set. Strong and powerful hindquarters. She moved around the ring with good front and rear action. A very well constructed young lady. I see that I did her well as a puppy and so pleased to see that she has matured so well.

Welsh Kennel Club, 19th August 2017.   Judge: Mr Bob Blackley

Limit Bitch - 3rd

SDDTC Championship Show, 10th September 2017.   Judge: Mrs Jane Withers

Limit Bitch - 1st

Driffield Agricultural Society, 30th September 2017.   Judge: Mrs Jackie Shore

Bitch CC

Limit Bitch - 1st

Mustard, one I judged as a puppy and she has really come on. Well balanced height to length, feminine head with good mouth and depth of muzzle, hazel eye and low set ears covered in a silky topknot. Strong neck set into good shoulders, straight front and well padded feet, flowing topline well ribbed back, well muscled and fit she moves very well. Well presented mustard coat. Pleased to award her the CC.

Midland Counties Canine Society, 27th October 2017.   Judge: Mr Paul Eardley

Limit Bitch - 2nd

Pressed the winner hard as she is very typical. Super head and skull and a good jacket. Not quite the glamour of the winner and not as assertive on the move.

Crufts, 9th March 2018.   Judge: Mr Paul Keevil

Bitch CC

Limit Bitch - 1st

Top quality mustard who really stood out today. Correct for size with the most beautiful rich colour and well textured coat. Good balance of height to length, feminine head with good mouth and depth of muzzle, dark hazel eye and low set ears. Shown in top condition, well-muscled and fit, she moved very well on her well-padded feet, holding her outline. Delighted to award her a well-deserved BCC.

National Terrier, 7th April 2018.   Judge: Miss Kathy Green

Bitch CC & BOB

Limit Bitch - 1st

Photo: Manfred Rosenbaum

Photo: Harriet Buckley

Crufts 2018