Dandie name (or part name):

Dalmuster Serene Princess avec Clairmorin
no pictureColour/Sex Mustard Bitchno flag
DOB11 Oct 2012
SireVistca Vincent
DamDalmuster Dancing Queen
OwnerKenny & Shona Allan
BreederMrs J D C Garven

Buzet is from the Dr Syntax branch of the Old Ginger line.

Show Results

Border Union, 15th June 2013.   Judge: Mr Jeff Luscott

Puppy Bitch - 2nd

DDTC Championship Show, 14th July 2013.   Judge: Mrs Ferelith Somerfield

Puppy Bitch - Res

Driffield Agricultural Society, September 2013.   Judge: Mr Alan Curry

Puppy Bitch - 3rd

CDDTC Championship Show, 17th November 2013.   Judge: Mrs Karen Plastow

Junior Bitch - 1st
Special Yearling Bitch - 1st
Novice Bitch - 2nd

Pretty, feminine mustard. Good head and pleasing expression, with dark eyes. A long weasely body, moved well.

Crufts, 7th March 2014.   Judge: Mrs Frances Chapman-King

Special Junior Bitch - 2nd

Mustard with a good head and eye. Not quite the polish of 1 yet, and a touch overawed here. Good in body and low to ground.

Scottish Breeds Canine Club, 29th March 2014.   Judge: Mr Douglas Berry

Junior Bitch - 1st

Scottish Kennel Club 1, 16th May 2014.   Judge: Mr W Browne-Cole

Limit Bitch - 2nd

Typy head, ears a little flighty, very good angulation, good coat texture, moved freely.

CDDTC 25th Anniversary Championship Show, 14th June 2014.   Judge: Mr Dan Ericsson

Special Yearling Bitch - 1st
Novice Bitch - 2nd

Border Union, 15th June 2014.   Judge: Miss Patricia Clayton

Novice Bitch - 2nd

This mustard of 22 months portrays a typical Dandie of nice size and balanced outline with appealing head, low slung body, strong quarters with correctly carried tail. Did have the tendency to hop slightly when moving.

DDTC Championship Show, 13th July 2014.   Judge: Mrs C E Cartledge

Yearling Bitch - 2nd
Novice Bitch - 2nd

20 months, in contrast this one was carrying a little surplus weight, not helping her handler as she was pulling away on the lead when moving. Typical head, good bone and coat. Just not in the mood today.

CDDTC Summer Open Show, 3rd August 2014.   Judge: Mrs Lesley Crawley

Novice Bitch - 1st

Scottish Breeds Canine Club, 28th March 2015.   Judge: Mrs Cynthia Ray

Graduate Bitch - Res

Border Union, 20th June 2015.   Judge: Mr Alan Curry

Novice Bitch - Res

CDDTC Championship Show, 21st June 2015.   Judge: Mr Keith Derry

Novice Bitch - 2nd

Mustard, good front construction, in good condition, could do a lot better on the move.

CDDTC Autumn Open Show, 18th October 2015.   Judge: Mrs Margaret Russell

Novice Bitch - 2nd

Mustard, correct eye colour and fine ears well placed. Her muzzle to skull proportions were equal. Slightly wider in front that 1, she has a good length of neck. Would like a little more shape to her top line (a little overweight perhaps) but her tail set was good. She was cleanly presented.