Rankings of Dandie Dinmont bitches by number of CCs won.

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1st place with 30 CCs

Ch. Hawkesmill Jenny for Wilmitno picture

2nd place with 18 CCs

Ch. Salismore Mermaid

3rd place with 15 CCs

Ch. Miflin Minehahano picture

4th place with 13 CCs

Ch. Milverton Ladyno picture
Ch. Swanwillow Savannahno picture
Ch. Cloverwood Lemon Drizzleno picture

7th place with 12 CCs

Ch. Sandyclose Scilla
Ch. Eliza Doo Littleno picture

9th place with 11 CCs

Ch. Healaval Falderal at Torbraeno picture
Ch. Cloverwood Border Belleno picture
Ch. Inzievar Sparkling Silverno picture

12th place with 10 CCs

Ch. Josal Midnight Sabina
Ch. Bellmead Seraphno picture
Ch. Melmoth Periwinkle of Josal
Ch. Inzievar Silver Tassieno picture
Ch. Perimeade Honeysuckle at Churchoak
Ch. Cloverwood Bittersweetno picture

18th place with 9 CCs

Ch. Waterbeck High Water Mark
Ch. Borderstone Eminant Envoy
Ch. Dandiroyal Cotswold Dreamno picture
Ch. Danchester's Can You Hear Me Roar for Bonnybeckno picture

22nd place with 8 CCs

Ch/Am Ch. Glassford Craigvar Covergirlno picture
Ch. Craigvar Cygnet of Swanwillowno picture
Ch. Inzievar All Gold
Ch. Borderstone Black-N-Blueno picture
Ch. Geisha's Fire Crackerno picture

27th place with 7 CCs

Ch. Sowdens Penelopeno picture
Ch. Bawbee of Gardensideno picture
Ch. Salismore Sassoline
Ch. Brynblair Phoebeno picture
Ch. Bellmead Sunburstno picture
Ch. Gordon Daisyno picture
Ch. Josal Loreli
Ch. Hendell Tiaella of Blaven
Ch. Glenwinnel Gossamer
Ch. Dandyhow Honeysuckle of Inzievar
Ch. Banburg Gypsy at Somercloud
Ch. Mosterlada Golden Quine
Ch/Int Ch. Salismore Parsleyno picture
Ch. Shrimpney Sunstar (2)no picture
Ch. Cassencarrie Kalvadosno picture
Ch. Vistca Violet
Ch. Inzievar Silver Bonnetno picture
Ch. Cloverwood Ice And Fireno picture

45th place with 6 CCs

Ch. Peachums Bonna Dee
Ch. Bellmead Shortcakeno picture
Ch. Salismore Mournful
Ch. Howcaple Joannano picture
Ch. Darenth Janibellno picture
Ch. Darenth Jina
Ch. Salismore Parasolno picture
Ch. Franabella Cindersno picture
Ch. Fruach Kirstino picture
Ch. Glassford Muskno picture
Ch. Milverton Duchess
Ch. Hendell Mettlesome
Ch. Renald Sprig
Ch. Gladsmuir Gay Geishano picture
Ch. Hendell Lady Macbeth at Cloverwood
Ch. Somercloud Aurora for Swanwillowno picture
Ch. Inzievar Gold Touchno picture
Ch/Aus Ch. Jollygaze Hopeless Romantic for Hawkesmillno picture
Ch/Ire Ch. Ellabeth Amabilisdandie at Bambusano picture
Ch. Diddimont Luna Wuffgoodno picture

65th place with 5 CCs

Ch. Shrimpney Sweet Clover
Ch. Merry Museno picture
Ch. Drevaburn Ardailsano picture
Ch/NL Ch. Hendell Beltane
Ch. Warkworth Wavewrackno picture
Ch. Bourdette Merry Missno picture
Ch. Dianano picture
Ch. Salismore Mustardno picture
Ch. Clarach Meg
Ch. Howcaple Mustardno picture
Ch. Darenth Josse
Ch. Darenth Japonique
Ch. Darenth Jeredore
Ch. Hayling Nicoletteno picture
Ch/Am Ch. Salismore Peasblossomno picture
Ch. Scotby Daisy
Ch/Am Ch. Glassford Kathie
Ch. Colvend Nellno picture
Ch. Dandyhow Wizaburn Vixen
Ch. Hendell Guid As Goldno picture
Ch. Sprotboro Sweet Hazel at Vistca
Ch. Vistca Valerie
Ch. Torbrae Dance On Dreamsno picture
Ch. Hendell Damask Rose at Cloverwoodno picture
Ch. Blue Rhapsody at Sherexno picture
Ch. Glencobo Lawley Lady at Somercloud
Ch. Cassencarrie Miss Grace at Pennywaveno picture
Ch. Cassencarrie Going Back to Mishahdano picture
Ch. German Dandies' Violettano picture
Ch. Cloverwood The One And Onlyno picture
Ch. Cloverwood Here Comes Luluno picture

96th place with 4 CCs

Ch. Shrimpney Sweet Pepperno picture
Ch. Gigha of Cruanno picture
Ch. Salismore Melrose (2)
Ch. Bellmead Gipsy of Kitewoodno picture
Ch. Sowdens Speculation
Ch. Drevaburn Falloch
Ch. Bellmead Speedbird
Ch. Shrimpney Security of Parstoneno picture
Ch. Hendell Charlie Girl
Ch. Strode Raven
Ch. Salismore Mouse Ear
Ch. Warkworth Witchery
Ch. Blaven Barbarella
Ch. Howcaple Jeanno picture
Ch. Salismore Spiceno picture
Ch. Rowan Minnano picture
Ch. Alpin Catkinno picture
Ch. Jocyclyn of Casita
Ch. Bonnie Lassieno picture
Ch. Glassford Diademno picture
Ch. Gladsmuir Gay Garland
Ch. Hatton Relindano picture
Ch. Giffnock Gin
Ch. Ellwyn Belleno picture
Ch. Giffnock Luna
Ch. Glassford Crown
Ch. Huntershope Cutty Sark
Ch. Kitewood Ragamuffinno picture
Ch. Hayling Nettleno picture
Ch. Fruach Mornano picture
Ch. Hendell Pippinno picture
Ch. Valclusa Duchess
Ch. Milverton Yetno picture
Ch/Am Ch. Hendell Colislinn Loeliano picture
Ch. Ashleigh Gyp
Ch. Hazelwood Meg
Ch. Josal Goldweaver
Ch. Josal Sea Anemone
Ch. Renald Dinahno picture
Ch. Sprotboro Softly Softly
Ch. Renald Nettle
Ch. Craigvar Comfrey
Ch. Parstone Marillano picture
Ch. Silver Quest for Inzievar
Ch. Cassencarrie Courtesan
Ch. Drevaburn Integrity of Finlorenno picture
Ch. Bencharra Running Deer
Ch. Vistca Veronicano picture
Ch. Pajanticks Penny Black
Ch. Finloren Tilly Trumbleno picture
Ch. Saredon Summer Rainno picture
Ch. Mishahda Cinnamon Crumbleno picture
Ch. Inzievar Sterling Silverno picture
Ch. Mosterlada Wild Heather of Inzievarno picture
Ch. Mosterlada Foxy Ladyno picture
Ch. Inzievar Silver Jubilee
Ch. Cloverwood Henrietta
Ch. Cassencarrie Habit Formingno picture
Ch. Inzievar Royal Silverno picture
Ch. Duneideann First Editionno picture
Ch. Dentgate Sugarberries at Thystineno picture
Ch. Miss Sophie di Luna Caprese at Torbraeno picture
Ch. Dandiroyal Clementinano picture

159th place with 3 CCs

Ch. Clydesdale Jean
Ch. Teviotside Topsy
Ch. Salismore Melverly
Ch. Hatton Revinano picture
Ch. Gladsmuir Goldilocksno picture
Ch. Crooksbury Cloud
Ch. True Blue of Twinkling
Ch. Whinberry of Minera
Ch. Pride O'Pleasley
Ch. Hasty of Claneno picture
Ch. Darenth Jillno picture
Ch. Wendella of Waterbeckno picture
Ch. Hendell Woodsmoke
Ch. Strode Redgoldno picture
Ch. Salismore Modesty
Ch. Clane Burdock
Ch. Hendell Serradilla
Ch. Parstone Melodyno picture
Ch. Dark Dame of Priorwood
Ch. St. Conals Jessno picture
Ch. Potford Braw Lassie (2)
Ch. Giffnock Twilight
Ch. Darenth Janey
Ch. Darenth Jylles
Ch. Salismore Mayqueen
Ch. Darenth Junerosano picture
Ch. Kirkside Jessica
Ch. Towser (Richardson's)
Ch. Double Dutch of Devadale
Ch. Howcaple Slioch
Ch. Peppercorn of Minera
Ch. Darenth Jacmint
Ch. Hatton Reina
Ch. Sowdens Sheilano picture
Ch. Otter Witch
Ch. Glassford Whin
Ch. Bellmead Frostno picture
Ch. Maid of Rathan
Ch. Glassford Clementinano picture
Ch. Gladsmuir Gay Goddessno picture
Ch. Craigvar Celebrityno picture
Ch. Bourdette Pendlecyde Girl
Ch. Ancrum Fannyno picture
Ch. Allerly Bee
Ch. Peachums Minna Lou
Gordon Peggy
Ch. Watersend Magic
Ch. Winnie of Clane
Ch. Uppa
Ch. Evina
Ch. Hendell Terra-Cottano picture
Ch. Katrine Teaserno picture
Ch. Ossington Maid
Ch. Giffnock Ferrit
Ch. Salismore Scattercashno picture
Ch. Fettiplace Coriandrum
Ch. Elspeth (Spencer's)no picture
Ch. Katrine Fairy
Ch. Parstone Pipistrelleno picture
Ch. Bellmead Scaramouch
Ch. Hendell Blanche
Ch. Josal Winter Velvet
Ch. Warkworth Wideawakeno picture
Ch. Hendell Shady Lady
Ch. Sowdens Snowflake
Ch. Sandyclose Sonata
Ch. Glenwinnel Galadriel
Ch. Hendell Autumnsmoke
Ch. Margham Maggie May
Ch. Warkworth Winter Glimmer
Ch. Swanwillow Reflection
Ch. Avonview Aquariusno picture
Ch. Sowdens Sea Breezeno picture
Ch. Kenee Dulcie of Follycottno picture
Ch. Doushka's Annoushkano picture
Ch. Doushka's Darling Aloushkano picture
Ch. Hendell Miss Primrose
Ch. Swanwillow Sunday Bonnetno picture
Ch. Crowham Summer Dawn of Abbeywater
Ch. Sprotboro Sincere
Ch. Hendell Melica of Banburg
Ch. Dunkery Linnet of Hendell
Ch. Fladgates Miss Muffet of Margham
Ch. Swanwillow Graceno picture
Ch. Hendell Trotwood
Ch. Healaval Cushet
Ch. Inzievar Flower Of Scotlandno picture
Ch. Swanwillow Double Delightno picture
Ch. Pajanticks Kalamity Kate
Ch. Rontybrig Jemima
Ch. Inzievar Silver Darlingno picture
Ch. Poynton Angelica
Ch. Dentgate Love Lettersno picture
Ch. Cassencarrie Posthasteno picture
Ch. Wenabarr Fair Florence
Ch. Torbrae Trickeryno picture
Ch. Blaven Bubbles
Ch. Abbeywater Sheer Pleasureno picture
Ch. Cassencarrie Coup De Vire
Ch. Schalulleke Lizzy Weaverno picture
Ch. Cassencarrie Keywestno picture
Ch. Inzievar Inspiration
Ch. Wazzly Aphroditeno picture
Ch. Cloverwood English Roseno picture
Ch. Finloren Lady Jane Grey
Ch. Shonillian Dandilly Poppet with Dawsholm
Ch. Mosterlada Silver Lining
Ch. Wazzly Persephone at Kirskillno picture
Ch. Saredon Rainstormno picture
Ch. Inzievar Gold Ringno picture
Ch. Cassencarrie Red Ribbonno picture
Ch. Inzievar Rose Gold for Abbeywaterno picture
Ch/Aus Ch. Jollygaze Doris Day at Cloverwoodno picture
Ch. Dentgate Sweet Symphonyno picture
Ch. Cloverwood Day By Day at Schalullekeno picture
Ch. Cloverwood Dozen Rosesno picture
Ch. Inzievar Gold Effectno picture
Ch. Swanwillow Signatureno picture
Ch. Cloverwood Sparkling Blueno picture
Ch. Inzievar Summer Gold at Mosterladano picture
Ch. Dariant Grace Mi Solar at Trinzyno picture
Ch. Dentgate Hollyberriesno picture
Ch. Oak Apple
Ch. Cloverwood Duchess Mayno picture
Ch. Inzievar Gold Sparkno picture
Ch. Cloverwood Totally Devotedno picture
Ch. Wilmit Mildred Potter for Diddimontno picture
Ch. Danchester's Could This Be Magicno picture
Ch. Jollygaze Quizzical for Lovelettieno picture

288th place with 2 CCs

Peachums Perenna Dee
Salismore Periwinkle
Salismore Mischief
Colislinn Theodora
Poveys Sweet Briar
Waterbeck Wonderment
Dunkery Salismore Skylark
Shrimpney Summer Morning
Craigvar Charlotte
Shrimpney Sincerity
Glassford Craigvar Crown
Hendell Tweedsbairn
Baillieston Judy
Darenth Jessamy
Giffnock Melody
Muirland Tinker
Higham Joy
Cookie of Clane
Duskie of Devadale
Darenth Jenesta
Carol of Micheldever
Darenth Jacopina
Falinge Tessano picture
Salismore Plaid
Derrington Nell
Defendue Jane of Devadale
Alpin Hobgoblinno picture
Darenth Jacinda
Annandale Vicno picture
Giffnock Moth
Langley Queenie
Lady Charlotte of Inzievarno picture
Shrimpney Soliloquy
Danaff Doranno picture
Kelso Yet
Mottefield Jade Butterfly
Healaval Schottische
Hendell Golden Girl (2)
Swanwillow Sweet Sherry
Renald Aurora
Hendell Lavender Lassie
Soldiers Daughter of West Hill
Am Ch. Buccleuch Rose (Shiel's)
Alpin Juno
Trinzy Hair N'Gracesno picture
Dandiroyal Cream Teano picture
Etsill Selchieno picture
Cloverwood Magic Minnieno picture

337th place with 1 CCs

Alpin Mary Annno picture
Boughton Peggy
Giffnock Lassie
Bellmead Safflower
Woolo Gay Girl
Burnett Tosca
Woolo Gay Princessno picture
Bellmead Dinah
Glassford Rubyno picture
Dodrick Duchess
Glassford Quicksilver
Glassford Truly Fair
Nutmeg of Nutkinno picture
Waterbeck Waymark
Shrimpney Scarlet Slipper
Waterbeck Waterlil
Barvae Prim
Dandyhow Dorothea
Sowdens Shanno picture
Ellwyn Queen
Giffnock Frolic
Hindlee Holly
Wizaburn Sinner
Salismore Monybuieno picture
Shrimpney Starry Night
Sowdens Hendell Fionano picture
Salismore Monymuskno picture
Hendell Jacinthe
Josal Aurora Maria
Sowdens Swift
Sowdens Shula of Senacre
Alpin Grilse
Am Ch. Ellwyn Eve
Southboro Swindie
Southboro Sarthe
Slitrig Molly
Farlam Bonney
Mischief (Colquhoun's)
Salismore Podgy
Teviotside Thelma
Bonnie Jean (Grieve's)no picture
Falinge Prudence
Queen Of The South (Smith's)
Bellmead Ida
Worthy Jean
Madame Dorcas
Potford Wendy
Salismore Saffron
Scotby Nancy
Joy Queen
Meal Liath of Glencaird
Bellmead Sphinxno picture
Darenth Junegold
Derrington Betsy Jane
Munross Honey
Roughcraig Vixen
Howcaple Red Rose
Kelso Beauty
Katrine Wasp
Shrimpney Sweet Lavender
Monkland Maid
Katrine Cress
Lady Teazle
Whinbrae Nettle
Doleful Dumps
Blacket Lassie
Buccleuch Marvel
Phoebe (Shiel's)no picture
Charming Polly
Glassford Lady
Giffnock Dew
Nora Pride Of Kildare
Rathan Lass
Bagpipes (Valentine's)
Shrimpney Scandal
Mistress Ailie
Otter Charm
Oak Queen
Lady Activity
Drevaburn Gigha
Scotland's Princess
Kentmere Daphne
Kirtle Lily
My Queen
Camowen Daisy
Cairnside Duchess
Cairnside Model
Giffnock Elf
Gatton Daisyno picture
Howlands Nell
Tomlinscote Termagant
Carthwaite Cloe
Hawick Gem
Jolly Innocent
Gordon Beauty
Durranhill Lady Jane Grey
Tessa Inzievar
Sowdens Sophie
Hendell Joyous Greeting of Blaven
Huntershill Rosehip
Sowdens Spinet of Sprotboro
Renald Queen Of The Borders
Bryndafydd Mixed Spice of Parstoneno picture
Swanwillow Silk Bonnetno picture
Shell's Little Brick
Donna's Special Edition
Fladgates Mollie May
Sprotboro Sweet Megan
Chaldwell Sparkler
Vistca Variation
Poupon Mellisuga of Mesonchi
Cloverwood Blackberry
Follycott Tammy
Somercloud Jasmine
Yazga Rainy Day Woman of Penactivno picture
Healaval Canty
Suekrit Rosy Cheeks
Lodore Lark
Littlecote Jessie
Abbeywater Sheer Delight
Swanwillow Tarantellano picture
Inzievar Gossamer
Wenabarr Golden Rose of Sandyclose
Cassencarrie Dianthus of Shonillian
Galencia Photo Call at Kuddlemee
Penactiv Lady-Oh
Finloren Fantasia at Mishahdano picture
Bencharra Dreamscape
Cloverwood Minnowno picture
Cassencarrie Causin Chaos
Cassencarrie Cavalcadiano picture
Torbrae Starry Eyed N Dizzyno picture
Hawkesmill Ebony
Bencharra Stare If You Dare
Swanwillow Forget-Me-Not
Isadora Duncan of Coquet Waterno picture
Dawsholm Cantily Kateno picture
Hendell Tassel at Pennywaveno picture
Mosterlada Shooting Starno picture
Cloverwood Razzberry Iceno picture
Cassencarrie Burning Issueno picture
Pennywave Amaryllisno picture
Swanwillow Seabreezeno picture
NL Ch. Waltzing Mathilda of Coquet Waterno picture
Cloverwood Sizzling Goldno picture
Cloverwood Drama Queenno picture
Cz/Int Ch. Drusilla Delight ze Zihelske Zahradyno picture
Duneideann Limited Editionno picture
Puddockswell Moon Whisper at Dryfevalleyno picture
Cloverwood Five Starsno picture
Dandiroyal Puddleglumno picture
Salismore Maid O'Mirth
Munross Blaeberry
Guestling Mustard Seed
May Queen (Tait's)
Ainsty Sylvia
Heatherdell Jeannie (1)
Micklam Sun Kissed
Hawkesmill Karamelno picture
Dentgate Mulberry Silkno picture
Thystine Blueberries
Dandiroyal Dream Makerno picture
Dariant Quelle at Bambusa
Diddimont I Have A Dreamno picture
Barton Dandies Marianne Dashwoodno picture
Etsill Hannabreckno picture
Bonnybeck I'm No Muggleno picture