There are 96 Dandies with birthdays today

26 May 1878 Boss (Finzell's) x Gyp (Orddrell's)
Meg (Finzell's)
26 May 1881 Teddy x Rusty
Harold II
26 May 1883 Jock (McMurdo's) x Creepie
Border Lad
The Baillie
26 May 1885 Osman Pasha x Mint
26 May 1888 Edenside x Rara Avis
Ainsty Warrior
Douglas Tib
Miss Warrior
26 May 1889 Rab (Jackson's) x Fanny (Sharp's)
Lomond Prince
26 May 1889 Jethart x Nita
Borderer II
Darkie II
Donovan (Evans's)
26 May 1895 Wanny x Cleg IV
Cowichan Gypp
26 May 1898 Border Dick x Hawick Gem
Black Lug no picture
Burnhead Toby
Thistle Grove Mischief
Thistle Grove Poppet
26 May 1902 Cargen Pilot x Giffnock Nettle
Alpin Klype
Alpin Lynte
26 May 1902 Braw Lad x Ringwood's Viper
Gally Hill Susie
26 May 1906 Read Badger x Pansy (Todd's)
D'Orsay (Todd's)
26 May 1907 Dunion x Frisk (Fairbairn's)
Ellwyn Pincher
26 May 1910 Sir Richard x Scottish Maid
26 May 1913 Goggles x Ardovie Countess
Dandy Jock (Laverton's)
26 May 1913 Doleful Davie x Stalham Nymph
Alexander The Great of Leconfield
26 May 1919 Giffnock Whin x Water Sprite
Bashley Bathsheba
Piper Wallace
26 May 1925 Handborough Laddie x Salismore Mustard
Salismore Musk
Salismore Myrtle
Salismore Peachem
Salismore Peewit
Salismore Plover
26 May 1927 Burpham Jock x Jill (Waters's)
Grey Grizel
Highland Beauty
26 May 1929 Simple Rush x Shrimpney Gillian
Shrimpney Jeremy
26 May 1932 Slitrig Rob Roy x Slitrig Bessie
Bonnie Queenie
Ch. Towser (Richardson's)
26 May 1934 Darenth Wisdom x Darenth Jessa
Darenth Dickory
Darenth Iain
Darenth Jaldi Jao
Darenth Samakand
26 May 1934 Timothy of Clane x Hillary Judy
Hillary Punch
Ch. Hillary Timothy
26 May 1939 Blairhill James x Syston Sonia
26 May 1951 Hayling Torquil x Coneygreave Wake Me
Cinnamon of Nutkin
Nutmeg of Nutkinno picture
26 May 1956 Bellmead Dazzler x Jenny of Ergyle
Alexandra Palestrina
Caroline Elmond
Ewart of Enster
Octave Dizzie
26 May 1975 Dowell's Hits The Spot x White's S S Orange Blossom
Am Ch. Shadowmark's Hit'N The Sauceno picture
Am Ch. Shadowmark's Martini Timeno picture
26 May 1976 Salismore Mixer x Torcroft Young Bess
King's Mtn A'Daniel
King's Mtn A-Sherlock
King's Mtn Adam
King's Mtn Alexander
King's Mtn Allspiceno picture
Am Ch. King's Mtn Andrewno picture
King's Mtn Arthur
26 May 1977 Graymorn's Geordie MacBagpipe x Dancaway Jazzabelle Do Well
Marley's Al-Can Pick Me Up Kate
Marley's Rebecca Of Graymorn
Am Ch. Marley's Will D Brownno picture
26 May 1981 Munchkintown Crispy Critter x Munchkintown Rags MacMuffin
Munchkintown Dreamboat Anny no picture
Am Ch. Munchkintown Great Britain
Am Ch. Munchkintown's Great Gatsby
Am Ch. Munchkintown's Great Pumpkin
26 May 1983 Durbin's Admiral Nelson x Durbin Deja Vu
Am Ch. Durbin Monday's Malady
Am Ch. Durbin My Man Friday at Hi-Hat
Durbin Never On Sunday
Durbin Saturday Nite Live
26 May 1985 Ephan Sweet Bear Honey Bee x Farstar's Busy Bee Bee
Am Ch. Ando's Darling Duffie Dee Dee
Am Ch. Ando's Sweet Jeremiah Will Bee
Ando's Sweet Melissa May Bee
26 May 1985 Luckyholm Jazzman x Luckyholm Forget-Me-Not
Luckyholm De Efteling
Luckyholm Little Miss Echo
Luckyholm Lonely Thats Me
Luckyholm Sweet Return
26 May 1986 Don Juan von Beerenkamp x Carina Op Den Klev
Babushka von der Libellenau
Brian von der Libellenau
26 May 1986 Munchkintown The Golden Rule x Munchkintown's Mona Lisa
Munchkintown's I'm Victoria
26 May 1990 Healaval Seantrews x Hendell Bagatelle at Wyiman
Wyiman Ha Way Mlad
Wyiman Hinnie
26 May 1995 Banburg Vagabond of Swanwillow x Poupon Mellisuga of Mesonchi
Mesonchi Dancing Brave
Mesonchi Golden Sea Urchin
Mesonchi Musette La Belle
Mesonchi Pulsatilla Golden Seal
Mesonchi Robinia Shining Lady
Mesonchi Tarquin La Bond
26 May 2006 Roscoe Richie vom Adelsberg x Treasure Island's Darling Britney
Bradley's Memories Daisy Dynamite no picture
26 May 2018 Trinzy Fait Accompli avec Owlspoint x Kassandra Grace di Luna Caprese at Tymeirz
Tymeirz Lulu Grace at Cumhath no picture
Tymeirz Red Admiral